Author: Thomas Board

How to use a kickboard and fins
Training & Technique

How to Use a Kickboard to Get Serious Results

One of swimming’s most recognizable flotation devices, the humble kickboard, evokes fond memories of learning how to swim. But, these simple yet effective training aids go way beyond being used …

Written by: Thomas Board 28 October '21 0
Freestyle hand entry: swimmer in an Arena swim cap doing a freestyle swim
Training & Technique

How to Perfect Your Freestyle Hand Entry

Getting a stronger and more efficient freestyle is the goal of almost every swimmer. Who wouldn’t want to become even faster at swimming’s fastest stroke? When freestyle swimming, it’s all …

Written by: Thomas Board 6 October '21 0
Breaststroke fins: A collection of regular Arena swim fins in different colors
Training & Technique

Do You Need Breaststroke Fins for Training?

When it comes to implementing swim fins into your training regimen, front crawl or backstroke might seem like an obvious choice. The breaststroke is probably not one of the first …

Written by: Thomas Board 23 September '21 0