Author: Marco Cosso

Dryland training

4 exercises to improve the thoracic extension

The importance of thoracic mobility for optimal shoulder functioning (Part 1)  Shoulder injury prevention programs designed for swimmers are often focused only on the strength/endurance of the rotator cuff, and the rotational …

Written by: Marco Cosso 19 November '21 0
Dryland training

5 exercises to improve posture and decrease the risk of shoulder injury

A high percentage of swimmers have experienced shoulder pain during their career. In fact, 47% of collegiate swimmers claim to have experienced shoulder pain persisting for 3 weeks or more. …

Written by: Marco Cosso 23 June '21 0
Dryland training

Exercises to improve ankle dorsiflexion range of motion

How much ankle dorsiflexion range of motion does a swimmer need?  If we analyze a swimmer’s performance, whether a sprinter or a distance athlete there are two phases which require a certain …

Written by: Marco Cosso 7 May '21 0