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Training & Technique

Strengthen your swim stroke wherever you are: Burpees

Here is a way to become a stronger swimmer without needing a gym or any other special equipment! Today we will be looking at a bodyweight exercise involving all your …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 29 March '17 0
Training & Technique

Not much time for training? Here are some exercises (in and out of the water) for you! Part 2

Combined physical fitness/swim work-out by the pool for beginners and time-crunched swimmers. Here is another training session based around a combination of both physical exercises out of the water and …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 15 March '17 0
Fitness & Wellness

Can swimming help you lose weight?

Let’s find out if and how swimming can help you lose weight. Today we will be looking at a subject that lots of people are interested in. But take note, …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 10 March '17 0
Training & Technique

CrossFit: pros and cons for swimming

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of CrossFit as supplementary training for swimming. Today we’re going to talk about a rather recent innovation in sports training that …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 17 February '17 0
Training & Technique

“Nurse” your training using a medicine ball

Find out how to make the most of this “old-fashioned” piece of equipment to improve your swimming! A medicine ball is a very versatile means of varying, improving and making …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 15 February '17 0
Training & Technique

3 leg exercises to be performed in the pool

We have already talked about the importance of the legs for swimmers. The driving force they provide is vital, particularly for those aiming to reach a fast pace during a …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 1 February '17 0
Training & Technique

Not much time for training? Here are the right exercise (in and out of the pool) for you!

Not everybody has plenty of time to keep fit through sport. So not everybody can both swim and do specific fitness training out of the pool. Most people can probably …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 18 January '17 0
Training & Technique

Round off your swimming training with some Pilates!

Today we will be explaining how and why to use Pilates out of the pool to round off your training.  The Pilates method is a training system devised by Joseph …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 21 December '16 0
Fitness & Wellness

Stretching BEFORE training

Let’s see what you should do during those few minutes before training! Your training session begins at 8 p.m. but you are already at the poolside by 7.45 and you …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 4 November '16 0
Training & Technique

Add Yoga to your swim workout!

It is becoming common, even among high-level athletes, to incorporate extra-pool workouts into the routine water training, the so-called “dryland training”. This includes training for all the aspects for which …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 28 October '16 0