Author: Andrea Di Nino

Training & Technique

Late night training ahead of Rio

A.D.N Swim project (first European program for international swimmers) recently spent two weeks simulating Rio hours, in a bid to understand both the psychological and physical affects the late swim …

Written by: Andrea Di Nino 13 January '16 0
Swim Tech

What is the Spektro Glide?

Andrea Di Nino is Head Coach and Technical Director of A.D.N Swim Project, the first European program for international swimmers. The mission of A.D.N is to offer their athletes with …

Written by: Andrea Di Nino 6 November '15 0
Training & Technique

How to fly – The three main Elements

  Always move forward… The butterfly stroke is the perfect combination of three main elements: The catch phase The press phase The kick in the upward and downward phase For …

Written by: Andrea Di Nino 9 May '14 0