Author: Antonella Lupica

Fitness & Wellness

Delving into the world of Aquafitness

Aquagym is undoubtedly the forerunner of all aquafitness courses, the first and still most practiced around the world. This said, since the 1990’s, the list has grown extensively,  now including …

Written by: Antonella Lupica 29 May '14 0
Fitness & Wellness

Swim nutrition tips and advice from the inside

We asked Jenny Fridlund, nutrition counselor for the Swedish Olympic Committee,  cross-country skiing team,  sailing team and the swimming team, as well as owner of the “Alla Tiders Matlagare” restaurant …

Written by: Antonella Lupica 11 March '14 0
Fitness & Wellness

The beginners’ guide to Aquafitness

Everybody at the very beginning of their life floats instinctively in the water. In some ways, that’s the concept underlying aquafitness, which is a sparkling way of relating to water. …

Written by: Antonella Lupica 17 February '14 0