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Sport has the Power to change the World

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 30 July '17 0
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What does your coach really expect from you?

The relationship between swimmer and coach is unique. Olympic, world, European and Commonwealth 100m breaststroke champion Adam Peaty puts it like this: “It’s a combination of your friend, your mum, …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 21 July '17 0
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How & why you should never miss an opportunity!

An athlete’s life at the top can be short and one where the window of opportunity may only be open for a fleeting moment. Make your chances and take your …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 17 July '17 0
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Me and the coach – Sarah Sjostrom floats like a cork!

When four-time world champion Sarah Sjostrom set a new world record in the 50m butterfly in July 2014, it was – says her coach Carl Jenner – the “closest thing …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 12 September '16 0
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Me and the coach – Mie Nielsen, how a backstroker is made

Mie Nielsen was born with swimming in her blood. Her father Benny won silver in the 200m butterfly at the 1988 Olympics while her mother Lone Jensen competed at the …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 19 July '16 0
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Me and the coach – Breaking down Ranomi Kromowidjojo’s stroke

The summer of 2006 is one that will live long in the memory for Ranomi Kromowidjojo. After competing at the European Junior Championships in Palma de Mallorca, Ranomi was called …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 11 July '16 0
A Swimmer's life

A swimmer’s life isn’t just swimming

Competitive swimming is not just about turning up at the pool, jumping into your cossie and diving in. Whether you are elite end or club level, just starting out or …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 14 May '16 0
Training & Technique

How to perfect your breaststroke glide

“Not everyone is going to be an Olympic and world champion but there are elements that are key for every breaststroker be they club swimmers or elite” – Jon Rudd, swim …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 29 March '16 0
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‘My decision to train in the USA rather than Europe!’ – Lotte Friis

Lotte Friis’ swimming journey started in her native Denmark, took in a stint in France and is now anchored in the United States where she will remain with the 2016 …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 5 October '15 0
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The secret behind consistent success! – Sarah Sjostrom

When Sarah Sjostrom broke the 100m butterfly world record at the 2009 World Championships in Rome aged 15, little did she know it would be six years before she set …

Written by: Elizabeth Byrnes 28 September '15 0