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Swim your fat away

It’s been calculated that February 18th is the day that most of us stop our New Years Resolution Diets and Gym Workouts. Luckily that means the gym pools are getting …

Written by: Joel McKenna 10 February '14 0
Fitness & Wellness

Swim & Gym: a winning combination!

In my last post “Lap Swimming: All You Need To Know” I offered advice and sample workouts for swimmers of various abilities.  So by now you’ve been swimming and are …

Written by: Joel McKenna 27 January '14 0
Fitness & Wellness

Lap swimming: all you need to know!

For a lot of us folks finding time to swim gets harder and harder each year that we get older.  Work, family and the daily stresses of life seems to …

Written by: Joel McKenna 6 December '13 0