Author: Rebecca Gillis

4 activities to make remote group training more fun
A Swimmer's life

4 activities to make remote group training more fun

Find out how to make remote group training more fun In a sport where water is a non-negotiable, one can imagine how difficult pool closures have been to the swim …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 24 February '21 0
A Swimmer's life

12 catchy pick up lines that will make a swimmer crazy for you!

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, so naturally love is in the air! More specifically for swimmers, love is in the chlorine-scented, stuffy, often poorly-ventilated air of the pool deck. Whether …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 10 February '21 0
A Swimmer's life

4 New Year’s resolutions to apply to your swim training

The transition into a new year is often a time of self-reflection, especially for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. Determining which habits to carry through …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 11 January '21 0
A Swimmer's life

6 signs you’ve met your swim BFF

Over the years as a competitive swimmer, you tend to amass a close circle of friends on the pool deck. Because they are your team mates and fellow athletes, they …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 29 May '19 0
A Swimmer's life

4 skills that swimmers perfect that are seemingly unrelated to swimming

Over the years as an athlete, you develop a skill set that is unique to your sport. Fast transitions from one stroke to another, precise flip turns, and efficient stroke …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 19 November '18 0
A Swimmer's life

3 Top Swimmer *facepalm* Moments

In the vocabulary of real-everyday-normal-people lingo, a ‘facepalm’ refers to those moments in life where the only plausible reaction you have is to bring the palm of your hand to …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 14 March '18 0
A Swimmer's life

Short Course or Long Course, which side are you on?

It’s official – we have welcomed in the new year, and with it the next portion of the swim season: the *dramatic pause* long course season. For some athletes, those …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 24 January '18 0
A Swimmer's life

4 swim questions that would confuse the general public

Every culture has its own unique language and shorthand. Swimming is no different, but the terms that we use on an everyday basis become so second nature to us that …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 13 December '17 0
A Swimmer's life

5 Pool Rule Breaks Women are guilty off!

The brand new line of competitive swimming two-pieces launched by arena is geared towards our more edgy female athletes, as the collection’s name ‘RuleBreaker’ suggests. Its’ playful and colourful style …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 29 May '17 0
A Swimmer's life

You wouldn’t understand unless you’re a swimmer: coaching children!

As is the case with many of my fellow swimmers, during my teenage years I developed an interest in coaching. Apparently training nine times a week just wasn’t enough pool …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 25 May '17 0


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