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Training & Technique

How to write a training plan

An arena coach explains how to write a training plan. Here are all the tips you need to devise a training session to make the most of your time. In …

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Training & Technique

Alternate breathing and perfectly balanced freestyle swimming

You will have certainly heard about alternate freestyle breathing, but have you ever wondered what the real benefits are? Alternate breathing means breathing every three strokes or, rather, the ability …

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Training & Technique

Breaststroke: legs in and out of the water

As we have already seen, most forward momentum when swimming the breaststroke comes from leg kick and the arms do not really have a thrust phase. However, for the leg …

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Training & Technique

3 tips for resuming training after the summer break

Three invaluable tips about the best way to resume training. According to a famous Italian song from the 1980s “The summer is ending and another year has gone by…”, but …

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Training & Technique

Build your Strength for a Better Swimming Performance Wherever You Are (Push-Ups)

Do you want a “dry-land exercise” which will benefit your swimming performance without having to go to a gym? Don’t worry! Starting today I will periodically post exercises which you …

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Training & Technique

The Long-distance Swimmer

What are the distinctive traits of an endurance athlete? What should you focus on in training? Just like a sprinter, an endurance athlete – somebody who churns out long distances …

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Training & Technique

Learn the backstroke breathing technique

One of the distinctive things about backstroke swimming is that your breathing is not really affected by the water: we swim with our stomachs facing upwards and we decide when …

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Training & Technique

Swimming technique: 360° butterfly leg kick

An exercise to improve your feel for the water suitable for all ages. Everything complicated about being in the water can be summed up in the various aspects of the …

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Training & Technique

Not much time for training? Here are some exercises (in and out of the pool) specially for you! PART 4

Combined physical fitness/swim work-out by the pool for beginners and time-crunched swimmers Here is the fourth session designed for people who can only dedicate a few hours a week to …

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Fitness & Wellness

What to eat BEFORE entering the water and why

Swimmers have a very special kind of relationship with food. Generally speaking, it is never a good idea to take a swimmer out for a meal, because they probably love …

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