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Training & Technique

Presenting the butterfly start

Level: beginner The butterfly style is usually the last stroke you are taught, because it requires strength, endurance and smooth movements, all qualities that you should have developed while learning …

Written by: arena coaches 22 May '15 0
Training & Technique

Viper, Nimesis and Cobra, the r-evolution of the species

Viper, Nimesis and Cobra are r-evolutionary goggles made by Arena. The first two come from the training range and the third from the racing range. Although they are all different …

Written by: arena coaches 12 May '15 0
Training & Technique

Transform your strength, learn how to swim fast!

Speed does not only come “from the ratio between the distance covered and time taken to cover it”, but also from the way in which it is covered. The type …

Written by: arena coaches 8 May '15 0
Triathlon & Open Water

My TOP 10 tips for surviving your first triathlon!

I certainly cannot describe myself as an expert triathlete, but my love of the sport and my background as a swimming trainer have allowed me to draw up a list …

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Training & Technique

Pull kick, Arena’s revolutionary training aid

You are used to using training aids to help with body alignment and buoyancy, allowing you  to focus on key aspects, such as your legs, arms, upper body or swim …

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Fitness & Wellness

Recognise the signs of overtraining!

Sports science teaches us that high training loads are linked with a greater risk of physical and mental exhaustion. Research*exploring how injuries, illnesses, stress, overtraining and exhaustion are all related …

Written by: arena coaches 23 April '15 0
Swim Tech

Swim to the Music

As a “hardcore” swimmer I have never been particularly keen on anything other than a conventional swimming suit, swim cap and goggles. Nevertheless, because I am curious by nature, I …

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Fitness & Wellness

Protect your shoulders!

It is a well-known fact that swimming is a healthy sport. Very true. Having said that, you need to bear in mind an array of niggles affecting your tendons and …

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Training & Technique

Morning training, how to go about it

“Aurora aurum in ore habet “ or, as we often hear people say, “The early bird catches the worm”. But is that what you think when the alarm goes off and …

Written by: arena coaches 6 April '15 0
Training & Technique

Introducing Plyometrics!

In our previous article entitled Perform more “explosively” we talked about explosive force, now we would like to talk about plyometric training that has turned out to be one of the …

Written by: arena coaches 3 April '15 0