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Using swimming to tone ‘problem areas’

It’s human nature to be critical of our bodies, and while we want to focus on the positive, we all have problem areas we’d like to address. Swimming can help. …

Written by: Arena 23 September '17 0
Just for Women

Waterproof Makeup: Fact or Fiction?

Some waterproof makeup products are really only resistant to sweat, tears and the occasional splash, but others actually work for swimming. Have you ever worn makeup swimming and ended up …

Written by: Arena 27 May '17 0
Just for Women

Swimming makes you beautiful: how to fight imperfections lap after lap

Virtually every woman, when looking in the mirror, sees thousands of faults and is often at war with her own reflection, and trying to please yourself every day can become …

Written by: Arena 22 April '17 0
Just for Women

7 Tips for Getting Back in Shape After the Summer Holidays

We all love holidays, and they can be great for rejuvenating mind, body and soul, but sometimes the accumulated effects of too much alcohol, lots of big restaurant meals, sleep …

Written by: Arena 9 September '16 0
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Getting Back in Shape After Pregnancy

Getting back in shape after pregnancy isn’t always easy, but with good exercise and nutrition habits the pounds will come off and your fitness will return. It’s no secret that …

Written by: Arena 24 May '16 0
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6 Hair and Skin Care Tips for Swimmers

Swimming offers a host of physical and mental health benefits, but pool water is unfortunately not particularly therapeutic for your skin and hair. Frequent exposure to chlorine and other chemicals …

Written by: Arena 3 March '16 0
Just for Women

Swimming during Pregnancy: Which Strokes Are Best?

Swimming is widely acknowledged to be one of the best sports for pregnant women, as it offers aerobic benefits as well as engaging all the major muscle groups, and its …

Written by: Arena 15 December '15 0
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Top 5 Benefits of Swimming While Pregnant

Just a few decades ago doctors were telling their pregnant patients to take it easy, rest up and avoid unnecessary exertion. Today the story is quite different, and most women …

Written by: Arena 5 November '15 0
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10 Beach Bag Essentials, Part 2: Mums and Kids

Last month we provided a checklist of 10 essential items to pack in a beach bag. This time we’re revisiting the topic with a focus on mums and kids. If …

Written by: Arena 9 July '15 0
Just for Women

Introducing Arena’s athletic underwear for women

Athletic intimates for women have come a long way since the birth of the jogbra in 1977. Today Arena’s sports bras and briefs can stand up to the rigours of …

Written by: Arena 21 May '15 0