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How to Choose the Right Swimsuit, Part 2 – Swimming style and body shape: Women

For some women, buying a swimsuit is one of the most daunting shopping experiences imaginable. There are so many options to choose from, and the prospect of trying on piles …

Written by: Arena 7 May '15 0
Just for Women

Looking for the Perfect Pool Bag? Try the Fast Roll

We’ve all suffered the inconvenience of a less-than-ideal pool bag at one point or another. Whether it’s stuffing everything into a gym bag and then having to rummage around to …

Written by: Arena 28 April '15 0
Just for Women

How to choose a sports bra that fits

From small to more buxom bustlines, every breast size requires support during exercise with a sports bra. But to be truly effective, it needs to fit properly. Surprisingly, most women …

Written by: Arena 26 March '15 0
Just for Women

Body Shaping Magic with Bodylift Swimsuits

Arena’s body shaping swimwear is so much more than just bathing suits cut from shapewear fabric. Fit and construction are essential to the magic formula of our Bodylift creations. With …

Written by: Arena 18 March '15 0
Just for Women

All women deserve a sports bra

If a woman cares enough about her body to do sports, then she definitely should wear a sports bra. We all know that an active lifestyle is fundamental for overall …

Written by: Arena 11 March '15 0
Just for Women

Why a black swimsuit is a must – New York Fashion Week insight

When I moved to Italy from New York just over a decade ago, a co-worker commented on how ‘New York’ I dressed. Which struck me as odd because we were …

Written by: Eleonora Kihlberg 17 March '14 0
Just for Women

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!

Worn by the Arena Elite Team in the World Championships this year in Barcelona, our Limited Edition ‘Camouflage’ Mark 2 suits certainly set tongues wagging! 

Written by: Emily 11 October '13 0
Just for Women

Fifty Shades of Grey, forget it! This summer it’s Black & White!

Black represents elegance, style and sophistication, whilst white often symbolises peace, purity and simplicity. Mix the two together and you have pure, sophisticated style.

Written by: Emily 2 May '13 0
Just for Women

How to select the right swimsuit for your body shape…

Determining your body shape is quite often the first step in finding a swimsuit that best compliments your shape. The term ‘Body shape’ is given to describe the overall silhouette …

Written by: Emily 28 March '13 0