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How to improve breaststroke time: swimmer coming up for air
Training & Technique

How to Improve Your Breaststroke Time Starting Now

Have you ever felt you were doing something wrong when swimming the breaststroke and not known what to do in order to improve? Your dolphin kick during the pullout phase …

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Training & Technique

Improve Your Form With These 12 Butterfly Drills

The butterfly stroke is iconic in the swimming world. It is challenging to learn and difficult to master, but the physical and mental rewards of improving in this stroke are …

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Hypoxic training: swimmer breathing underwater
Training & Technique

Hypoxic Training: The Art of Breathing Less

Adding a completely new type of workout to your existing regimen can be equal parts intimidating and exciting. Hypoxic training may sound like an extreme form of exercise for enhanced …

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Swimmer doing long distance swim workouts
Training & Technique

Train to Go the Distance: Long-Distance Swim Workouts

Long-distance swimming is a rewarding challenge for both the body and mind. Distance training often requires long hours of keeping your head down and bearing through a long-distance swim workout, …

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Backstroke start technique: swimmer in a backstroke starting position
Training & Technique

Backstroke Start Technique: A Beginner’s Guide

There’s not much point learning how to swim a good backstroke without first nailing your backstroke start technique. The start is one of the most important moments in competitive swimming, …

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Swimming with fins workout: underwater shot of a swimmer's legs with fins
Training & Technique

Swimming With Fins Workouts to Develop a Stronger Kick

Swimming with fins is one of the most thrilling aspects of swim training. Throw a pair of fins on your feet and get ready to zip through the water at …

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Freestyle head position: swimmer with his head submerged in the water while swimming
Training & Technique

Swim With Your Head: Improve Your Freestyle Head Position

Proper freestyle head position is crucial to your overall freestyle technique. Good head position will help you swim quickly and efficiently. One of the most common mistakes in freestyle is …

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Sideview of a swimmer with swimming hand paddles
Training & Technique

Start Serious Training With Swimming Hand Paddles

Extremely popular with both coaches and swimmers, hand paddles are a swimming accessory that belong in the bag of any swimmer looking to improve their training regime. Swimming hand paddles …

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How to improve backstroke: photo of a swimmer doing the backstroke
Training & Technique

How to Improve Your Backstroke: Tips and Drills

The backstroke is an exciting and unique event. All the elements of this swimming stroke are very different from other styles of swim. The start, underwater phase, turns, and the …

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Fitness & Wellness

Stretching for swimmers: a vital ally for your training

Let’s see how your swimming can benefit from stretching! There is plenty of writing, reading and interest in training seen as exercise in preparation for something. There is very little …

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