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Training & Technique

3 drills to improve your swim pace

Swimming at the right pace is vital for any swimmer. It does not just allow you to save energy but also to be more efficient throughout the entire forward propulsion …

Written by: arena coaches 1 April '22 0
Dryland workouts for swimmers: A woman works out her arms with an exercise band
Dryland training

Dryland Workouts for Swimmers to Avoid (and What to Do Instead)

Searching for fitness solutions online is always a little risky. There’s thousands of websites that claim to provide support but are really just getting you to read their unresearched articles …

Written by: arena coaches 11 March '22 0
Training & Technique

Do you want to improve your performance? Learn all about medley training!

Medley training is not easy, but it is certainly something you should learn to do if you want to become a more complete swimmer. Training for all four strokes increases …

Written by: arena coaches 4 March '22 0
Swimming endurance training: person swimming in open water
Triathlon & Open Water

4 Swimming Endurance Training Sessions for Long Distances

Long-distance swimming is a great way to put your endurance abilities to the test. Many athletes compete in distance swimming events because of the challenge these competitions provide for both …

Written by: arena coaches 15 February '22 0
Training & Technique

3 swim sets to try out before you decide to hang your swimsuit up!

Training is like a dish served in a Michelin-starred restaurant: it must contain ingredients that make it appetising and enjoyable for even the finest palates. To make a training session …

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A man swims the breaststroke in a pool
Fitness & Wellness

Swimmer’s Knee From Breaststroke: Causes and Prevention

Most people think of swimmer’s shoulder as the most common swimming injury, but have you ever thought about knee pain as a swimming-related injury? Swimmer’s knee mostly affects breaststroke swimmers …

Written by: arena coaches 1 February '22 0
How to improve breaststroke time: swimmer coming up for air
Training & Technique

How to Improve Your Breaststroke Time Starting Now

Have you ever felt you were doing something wrong when swimming the breaststroke and not known what to do in order to improve? Your dolphin kick during the pullout phase …

Written by: arena coaches 27 January '22 0
Training & Technique

Improve Your Form With These 12 Butterfly Drills

The butterfly stroke is iconic in the swimming world. It is challenging to learn and difficult to master, but the physical and mental rewards of improving in this stroke are …

Written by: arena coaches 17 January '22 0
Hypoxic training: swimmer breathing underwater
Training & Technique

Hypoxic Training: The Art of Breathing Less

Adding a completely new type of workout to your existing regimen can be equal parts intimidating and exciting. Hypoxic training may sound like an extreme form of exercise for enhanced …

Written by: arena coaches 13 January '22 0
Swimmer doing long distance swim workouts
Training & Technique

Train to Go the Distance: Long-Distance Swim Workouts

Long-distance swimming is a rewarding challenge for both the body and mind. Distance training often requires long hours of keeping your head down and bearing through a long-distance swim workout, …

Written by: arena coaches 5 December '21 0