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A Swimmer's life

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!

We are competitive swimmers. We are athletes. We are a rare breed of people who set 4:30AM alarms, who sweat while most people are asleep, who push our bodies to …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 11 December '15 0
A Swimmer's life

Drafting etiquette

Sometimes I begin a training session in a lane that is far too full for me to be able to successfully complete what I had planned. Whether you swim in …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 19 November '15 0
A Swimmer's life

The constant Battle to stay awake in class – The Student Athlete!

Swimmers have an abundant amount of everyday issues to face. That much is clear. How about when we combine the constant struggles of lactic acid buildup, annoying lane mates or …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 30 October '15 0
A Swimmer's life

First time.. with the team!

Your first day swimming with a new team is a bit like your first day at school. You will feel strangely nervous in the locker room and start thinking: “I …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 24 October '15 0
A Swimmer's life

A swimmer’s 3 worst nightmares

Like all sportsmen and women, swimmers have their own good luck rituals, superstitions and habits that they keep on repeating like a mantra before their races. So what are a …

Written by: arena coaches 25 September '15 0
A Swimmer's life

From Baywatch to reality: everything you need to know to become a lifeguard – Part 1

Photo credit: “Baywatch alla corsa” by Pochestorie  is licensed under CC BY   Everyone calls them “lifeguards”, the unmistakable red shirt or tank top, their lookout station, whistle, rescue boat and life …

Written by: Gianna De Santis 19 August '15 0
A Swimmer's life

7 signs you’ve been a swimmer for most of your life

Swimming is a sport which takes years of practice to even begin to understand concepts like technique and racing strategies. That is why a large portion of swimmers have started …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 16 June '15 0
A Swimmer's life

You wouldn’t understand unless you’re a swimmer – Choose your Weapon Wisely!

The other day I had one of the nine year old girls that I coach tell me that she had bought a navy blue Arena training suit just like the …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 16 March '15 0
A Swimmer's life

YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND UNLESS YOU’RE A SWIMMER – tis’ the season for crazy training camps!

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, right? Well, let’s just say that for swimmers it’s debatable because winter can only mean one thing: training camps. …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 20 December '14 0
A Swimmer's life

Cold water swimming – What’s in it for me?

I guess first of all I should quantify what I mean by cold water swimming. To some swimming in open water of 16 degrees can be cold, but for me …

Written by: Colin Hill 20 October '14 0