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A Swimmer's life

It’s never too late! Learning to swim as an adult

It all started in front of the mirror. I was 27 years old and out of shape and I did not do any physical activity. I had been unaware until …

Written by: Antonio Loglisci 8 January '14 0
A Swimmer's life

Pushing Limits – Romain Louedec swims 3000m Fly!

On the 8th August 2013, Romain Louedec swam a 3000m fly. With the help of his coach, Erwan Jacob, we asked him the question on everyone’s lips….. why?

Written by: Emily 22 November '13 0
A Swimmer's life

You wouldn’t understand unless you’re a swimmer – Is competitive swimming a contact sport?

Is competitive swimming a physical contact sport? Most people wouldn’t even hesitate to say no. You swim individually, and don’t generally have to come into contact with other people, right? …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 24 June '13 0
A Swimmer's life

Deep Sea Diving….. IN A WHEELCHAIR!

After watching a recent video on Sue Austin, I was left completely uplifted and in awe of this incredible woman, so decided to dedicate this post to her.

Written by: Emily 10 January '13 0