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Fitness & Wellness

What to take with you to the SPA, arena’s tips for relaxing

If you are planning on spending a day at the SPA remember to take all the clothes and accessories that will make you feel comfortable. The keywords should be comfort …

Written by: Arena 30 September '20 0
Fitness & Wellness

Returning to the pool after the holidays: the 5 mistakes you should avoid!

September, time to return to the ranks and abandon that state of suspended grace and holiday feel typical of summer. This is also the month of new beginnings and new goals, …

Written by: Arena 9 September '20 0
Training & Technique

Open-water swimming: advice from Bernd Berkhahn, coach of the world champion Florian Wellbrock

Photo credit: ©JoKleindl Due to the temporary closure of swimming pools due to Covid19, open-water swimming has suddenly become extremely important. At the moment, lots of people who usually swim …

Written by: Arena 4 August '20 0
Just for Women

10 Beach Bag Essentials

The sun is here, and some lucky people are already hitting the beach. It’s never fun to forget something essential, so in case you’ve gotten out of practice over the …

Written by: Arena 28 July '20 0
Fitness & Wellness

Returning to the pool after a long period of inactivity: What you need to know

A few simple rules to follow to better face your reentry into the water. We’re getting back in the pool after a long period of inactivity and now we are …

Written by: Arena 17 July '20 0
Elite Team

Open water tips&tricks by German elite swimmers Florian Wellbrock and Rob Muffels

Florian Wellbrock and Rob Muffels (Germany), gold and bronze medalists in the 10 km Open Water at the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, offer some useful tips & advice for …

Written by: Arena 26 June '20 0
Training & Technique

Open water swimming: tips from Fabrizio Antonelli, Gregorio Paltrinieri’s coach

Considering what is happening at the moment, lots of swimmers are considering training more (or starting to train) in open water. Here are some tips from Fabrizio Antonelli, Gregorio Paltrinieri’s …

Written by: Arena 4 June '20 0
Fitness & Wellness

Outdoor Training: It’s Good for You!

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get outside and move! Adding some open-air training to your routine, whether it’s running, riding your bike or doing yoga in …

Written by: Arena 8 May '20 0
Events & Competitions

arena supports the Italian Red Cross

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 emergency, the Italian Red Cross (CRI) has been working on the front lines, with thousands of volunteers and representatives supporting the Italian population. …

Written by: Arena 6 May '20 0
Events & Competitions

arena repurposes factory for the production of “carbon-fabric” sanitary masks

Following the spread of COVID-19 through northern Italy in February and early March, one of the factories that produces arena’s top line of racing swimwear started producing sanitary masks in …

Written by: Arena 28 April '20 0


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