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Fitness & Wellness

Are you always late to the swimming pool? Here’s how to optimize your time

Time is money, and yet we often waste so much of it without realizing. You should review your schedule before, during and after the pool so you can adopt new …

Written by: Arena 10 September '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Holiday Fitness: Running on the Beach

Running on the beach can be a great workout when you’re on holiday, but it does have risks. Keep these tips in mind to lessen your chance of injury. If …

Written by: Arena 31 July '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Swimming With Contact Lenses

Most people don’t have perfect vision. If you’re far-sighted, you may feel a bit helpless at a restaurant when you’re unable to read the menu. At the pool, though, near-sightedness …

Written by: Arena 17 April '18 0
Just for Women

Getting Ready for Summer: Burning Extra Calories at the Pool

Swimming is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. See how many calories you burn with the various strokes and with other water sports at the pool. …

Written by: Arena 3 April '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Pool etiquette: basic points for good cohabitation

At times all that is necessary is an exchange of glances, a small gesture to understand each other right away. A passing, a dive, a slowing down of pace. Sharing …

Written by: Arena 27 March '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Outdoor Training: It’s Good for You!

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get outside and move! It may not be warm enough to hit the outdoor pool yet, but adding some open-air training …

Written by: Arena 20 March '18 0
Just for Women

Therese Alshammar’s Fitness Tips – Getting back in shape after pregnancy

Hi I am Therese Alshammar, former World Champion, Olympic medallist and…mother of 2 kids! Today I’m going to help you create a healthy post-pregnancy daily routine and to suggest you …

Written by: Arena 13 March '18 0
Just for Women

5 things only female swimmers can understand

There is nothing better than giving a positive twist to your tiring daily routine with our favourite training session in the pool. But when you do not have much time …

Written by: Arena 8 March '18 0
Elite Team

Training in Australia VS training in Italy. Gregorio Paltrinieri tells us what the differences are!

We asked Gregorio Paltrinieri, Olympic and world 1500m freestyle champion who is currently training in Australia, what differences he has noticed between the training methods he usually follows in Italy …

Written by: Arena 27 February '18 0
Elite Team

The unseen side of Rūta Meilutytė: documentary film “Rūta” hits screens in March

Exhausting daily pre-Olympic routine of the best swimmer of Lithuania, her harsh life story and unexpected personal challenges – swimming fans will be able to see all that in the …

Written by: Arena 26 February '18 0


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