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Warning: swimming is seriously good for your health!

Discover the benefits of swimming for your brain! That is what all swimmers ought to know, so if you do not swim get started right now! As well as the physical benefits …

Written by: Marco Borreca 17 October '18 0
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3 foods that a swimmer won’t give up on

Which are the foods that a swimmer won’t give up on? Let’s find out! We’ve already discussed the connection between swimmers and their food habits. Putting aside what’s best food …

Written by: arena coaches 14 September '18 0
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Are you always late to the swimming pool? Here’s how to optimize your time

Time is money, and yet we often waste so much of it without realizing. You should review your schedule before, during and after the pool so you can adopt new …

Written by: Arena 10 September '18 0
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Holiday Fitness: Running on the Beach

Running on the beach can be a great workout when you’re on holiday, but it does have risks. Keep these tips in mind to lessen your chance of injury. If …

Written by: Arena 31 July '18 0
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Obesity, how swimming can help

One can only imagine the harmful consequences that this illness will have upon the individual that suffers from obesity. But what is it exactly? What is obesity and how common …

Written by: Marco Borreca 22 June '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Children and their fear of water: how to prevent it and overcome it

Water can be scary, especially for the youngest ones who are approaching this fascinating element for the first time. It’s not uncommon though, that even adults feel a certain resistance …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 29 May '18 0
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Polymyalgia rheumatica: the benefits of the swimming pool

A complicated name for a troublesome disease. What is polymyalgia rheumatica? It’s an intense inflammation of the muscles in the body. It’s a problem that can make your life quite …

Written by: Marco Borreca 24 May '18 0
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Fitness, weight-loss and body toning: 5 busted myths

1. Calories don’t count: FALSE! Of course they do! The only way to lose weight is to put our bodies in a situation where they are in calorie deficit; in …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 17 May '18 0
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Get back in shape for summer 2018! A 4 week plan for beginners and advanced swimmers

Summer is getting closer as is trying to achieve a bikini body. That’s why, one of your New Year’s resolutions was (and you haven’t started yet) to get back into …

Written by: arena coaches 8 May '18 0
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Swimming With Contact Lenses

Most people don’t have perfect vision. If you’re far-sighted, you may feel a bit helpless at a restaurant when you’re unable to read the menu. At the pool, though, near-sightedness …

Written by: Arena 17 April '18 0