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“Strengthen your arms” with Jeanne Collonge

Jeane Collonge is a French professional triathlete and two times Ironman champion. I like having a long freestyle warm-up 15×100 (2 complete/2 pullbuoy/1 legs) at increasing intensity (5 laps easy, …

Written by: Arena 28 November '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

What if the water is cold? Tips for avoiding unpleasant surprises

When preparing for an open-water race, a swimmer must try and control as many factors as possible, everything from their training in the water to nutrition. Unfortunately, there is one …

Written by: arena coaches 21 November '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Find out the 5 tools a triathlete must always have in their bag

It is often said that you can tell a woman’s personality from what she carries in her bag… adapting that to triathletes, we might say that: “tell us what you …

Written by: arena coaches 14 November '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Getting to know Marc-Antoine Olivier

Getting to know Marc-Antoine Olivier Following his 10km bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Marc-Antoine Olivier confirmed that he is one of the best open water swimmers …

Written by: Arena 31 October '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Triathlon: 3 tips for resuming training after a race

You cannot improvise your preparation for a triathlon race: it takes months of carefully structured preparation and training to complete a race without getting injured or overtraining. And when race …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 29 September '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Everything you need to know about the triathlon

Are you thinking about doing a triathlon? This is where you start. Learn the basics! The Triathlon is an individual multi-discipline sport consisting of a swim, bike ride and run, …

Written by: arena coaches 11 August '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Wild swimming: discover wonderful places!

With the heat and longer days, we all love spending more time in the open air, so why not swim in open waters! The so-called wild swimming is gaining more …

Written by: Arena 31 July '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

ROAD TO KONA, Diary of an Ironman – The day before the race

It is 9.30 p.m. on Saturday evening and I am in a hotel room writing down anything that this comes to mind. The moment has arrived. I am in Klagenfurt …

Written by: Laura Strappaveccia 28 July '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Swim leg: what price do you pay for technical mistakes? Training tools can help

Here you will find some tips about making the best use of the training tools to help you improve and learn how to swim better. We will never tire of …

Written by: arena coaches 30 June '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

ROAD TO KONA – Diary of an IRONMAN #4

Bipolar! I f I had to choose a word to define my state of mind recently it will be just that: BIPOLAR. Some days I feel invincible but others I …

Written by: Laura Strappaveccia 16 June '17 0