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Dryland training

How to use kettlebells for training out of the water

This little piece of equipment from Russia can help you make great gains. Here’s how to use kettlebells for your training out of the water.  A kettlebell is a small piece of gym equipment (conventionally made of iron) that is …

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Men and women, explanations for the difference in performance levels
Training & Technique

Are there different training methods for men and women?

Men and women, explanations for the difference in performance levels It is never easy to talk about the difference in performance levels between men and women. We might, for example, …

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How to improve your freestyle arm stroke!

Improve your freestyle arm stroke to develop a more efficient stroke! Catch, pull, push and recovery, these are the four key phases in a freestyle arm stroke. A proper freestyle …

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3 secrets to achieving your goals ARENA BLOG
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The 3 secrets to achieving exceptional goals!

Discover the three secrets to achieving exceptional goals. Why do you swim or do triathlon? What makes you push yourself so hard every day for so many hours each week? …

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1 drill every day to improve your freestyle!

5 drills for 5 training sessions to improve your freestyle swim stroke! A different workout every day of the week focusing on various factors to perfect your freestyle swim stroke. …

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Do you wanto to improve your backstroke? Follow this plan!

Improve your backstroke! – Training plan for beginners and amateurs The backstroke is the strangest stroke for an amateur swimmer, because you “go backwards” and you cannot see where you …

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How to improve your underwater phase

The underwater phase is swimming’s fifth stroke. To improve this aspect of your swimming, you must glide through the water with perfect coordination. The underwater phase is considered to be …

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The importance of work “out of the pool”

Find out why so-called “dryland” training is important for all swimmers, even amateurs and beginners! Training out of the pool seems to be UNHEARD OF! Stretching and injury prevention exercises …

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Strengthen your swim stroke wherever you are: Burpees

Here is a way to become a stronger swimmer without needing a gym or any other special equipment! Today we will be looking at a bodyweight exercise involving all your …

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The butterfly: power and harmony

Level: beginners The stroke gets its name from its sweeping arm action reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings. It is the most spectacular to watch and also the hardest to swim: …

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