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Get a whole new perspective: the Cobra Ultra goggles

No kit is complete without goggles. Every champion knows that the difference between reaching your pre-set goals or falling short of them depends not just on strength and commitment, but …

Written by: Arena 24 February '15 0
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Arena Powerskin Carbon-Air: an interview with Greg Steyger

*Greg Steyger: arena racing category manager Why did you design a new suit, did you discover a new need? As we know, each swimmer is different. They have different needs …

Written by: Arena 20 February '15 0
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Satisfy your water instinct: discover the secrets behind the arena Powerskin Carbon-Flex

  We listen, we study, we research and we perfect, and then we perfect some more. So we processed all the precious feedback we got from our Elite Athletes after …

Written by: Arena 18 February '15 0
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The New POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Mark 2 Racing Swimsuit – photo gallery preview!

As many of you know, we had to anticipate the release of the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Mark 2, which is the natural evolution of the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro.

Written by: Arena 10 May '13 0