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Training & Technique

The 5 problems afflicting swimmers of all standards

There are certain problems that need to be understood by both beginners and experienced swimmers if they are to make their swim training more effective. Swimming is a fluid sport: …

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Fitness & Wellness

Swimming and coeliac disease: 5 types of gluten-free foods that are full of energy!

Sport and coeliac disease: what are the right types of food for athletes who are gluten-intolerant? Athletes suffering from coeliac disease often struggle to find types of food that can …

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Training & Technique

Benifits of training in high altitudes

Training in high altitudes can bring great benefits, we’ll see how. Usually during the time frame of a sporting season there’s a time in which the athlete moves to higher …

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Training & Technique

Tapering: what to do out of the water – Weekly plan

You have finally reached the final stage of a macro-training block, so-called tapering. Tapering usually involves the final 7-10 days of a training block that lasted between 12-24 weeks. Tapering …

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Training & Technique

3 leg exercises to be performed in the pool

We have already talked about the importance of the legs for swimmers. The driving force they provide is vital, particularly for those aiming to reach a fast pace during a …

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3 foods that a swimmer won’t give up on

Which are the foods that a swimmer won’t give up on? Let’s find out! We’ve already discussed the connection between swimmers and their food habits. Putting aside what’s best food …

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Training & Technique

How to train with fins and a swim snorkel

The most familiar and popular swim aids include a swim snorkel and short fins. Both give you greater power and ease of movement through the water. Fins are used to increase …

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Fitness & Wellness

Running and Swimming: calorie-burning work-outs for the summer

Sport is essential for getting in shape for the summer. So how can you burn fat and calories by swimming and running? Here’s a training plan to get ready for …

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Training & Technique

4 exercises to strengthen your ankles

Find out why you need to strengthen your ankles and how to do it. A swimmer’s ankles are extremely important for a very simple reason: they connect your legs to …

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Triathlon & Open Water

How to gauge your pace: the 10×100 test

We all know that a “test” is a vital part of a training plan. A test may have various aims and purposes: to test your fitness throughout the season, gauge the …

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