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How to fly – The three main Elements

  Always move forward… The butterfly stroke is the perfect combination of three main elements: The catch phase The press phase The kick in the upward and downward phase For …

Written by: Andrea Di Nino 9 May '14 0
Training & Technique

What’s keeping your freestyle down – Stroke length

Last time we chatted, we discussed head position, resistance and balance… If your body is in the wrong position, your efficiency is out the window and you have to work …

Written by: Brant Best 2 May '14 0
Training & Technique

What’s keeping your freestyle down – Head position, resistance and balance.

Brant Best is an Australian national swimming team coach as well as coach to 100m freestyle World Champion, James ‘The Missile’ Magnussen. We asked Brant for a few inside freestyle …

Written by: Brant Best 6 March '14 0
Training & Technique

An introduction to training tools

There are many training tools available on the market nowadays, all designed to help you in some way to improve your stroke and swimming experience. Over the coming months, we will …

Written by: Emily 12 February '14 0
Training & Technique

Top Five ‘Yoga-Based’ Drills For Swimmers – Part One: Toes & Feet

From High School hopefuls to Professional Athletes and Olympians, The Peace In Peace Out Program’s Vital Body Matrix helps athletes of all ages and levels reach their maximum potential. This …

Written by: Aly Faber 20 November '13 0
Training & Technique

‘Flip turn drill video’ by Former World Champion, Leila Vaziri

In this flip turn drill video, Leila discusses using your own momentum to create a dynamic flip turn. Often swimmers will anticipate the wall and then slow momentum. Contrary to …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 18 June '13 0
Training & Technique

Let Arena’s X-Sight Goggles, Excite You! – Designed for Triathlon & Open Water Swimming

These hydrodynamic goggles were designed with large curved lenses in order to provide the wide vision required for triathlon and open water swimming.

Written by: Emily 6 May '13 0
Training & Technique

‘Freestyle Timing’ by Former World Champion, Leila Vaziri

In this video, Leila discusses arm and leg timing essential to freestyle. She demonstrates the rhythm and full body coordination needed for the stroke. The timing of arms and legs is particularly important for distance swimmers …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 3 May '13 0
Training & Technique

Flip Turn Drill, “Chair” Drill by Former World Champion, Leila Vaziri

Leila Vaziri is a former World Record Holder, World Champion, and member of the US National team. She currently works as a private Swim Coach out of New York City …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 23 April '13 0