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Navy SEAL swim workout using a TRX
Training & Technique

Improve Performance With This TRX Navy SEAL Swim Workout

The infamous U.S. Navy SEALs training has become well-known in recent years, thanks to the rise of fitness gurus and motivational speakers like ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins. As someone who’s …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 18 November '21 0
Freestyle head position: swimmer with his head submerged in the water while swimming
Training & Technique

Swim With Your Head: Improve Your Freestyle Head Position

Proper freestyle head position is crucial to your overall freestyle technique. Good head position will help you swim quickly and efficiently. One of the most common mistakes in freestyle is …

Written by: arena coaches 8 November '21 0
How to use a kickboard and fins
Training & Technique

How to Use a Kickboard to Get Serious Results

One of swimming’s most recognizable flotation devices, the humble kickboard, evokes fond memories of learning how to swim. But, these simple yet effective training aids go way beyond being used …

Written by: Thomas Board 28 October '21 0
Sideview of a swimmer with swimming hand paddles
Training & Technique

Start Serious Training With Swimming Hand Paddles

Extremely popular with both coaches and swimmers, hand paddles are a swimming accessory that belong in the bag of any swimmer looking to improve their training regime. Swimming hand paddles …

Written by: arena coaches 19 October '21 0
How to improve backstroke: photo of a swimmer doing the backstroke
Training & Technique

How to Improve Your Backstroke: Tips and Drills

The backstroke is an exciting and unique event. All the elements of this swimming stroke are very different from other styles of swim. The start, underwater phase, turns, and the …

Written by: arena coaches 10 October '21 0
Freestyle hand entry: swimmer in an Arena swim cap doing a freestyle swim
Training & Technique

How to Perfect Your Freestyle Hand Entry

Getting a stronger and more efficient freestyle is the goal of almost every swimmer. Who wouldn’t want to become even faster at swimming’s fastest stroke? When freestyle swimming, it’s all …

Written by: Thomas Board 6 October '21 0
Starting block drills: A swimmer makes a turn underwater
Training & Technique

Starting Block Drills and Pointers for Faster Turns

Along with a proper warm-up routine and a good training program, the start and turn are vital for any swimmer, whatever their standard. That is why we have decided to …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 27 September '21 0
Breaststroke fins: A collection of regular Arena swim fins in different colors
Training & Technique

Do You Need Breaststroke Fins for Training?

When it comes to implementing swim fins into your training regimen, front crawl or backstroke might seem like an obvious choice. The breaststroke is probably not one of the first …

Written by: Thomas Board 23 September '21 0
Training & Technique

3 tips for resuming training after the summer break

3 invaluable tips about the best way to resume training. According to a famous Italian song from the 1980s “The summer is ending and another year has gone by…”, but …

Written by: arena coaches 14 September '21 0
Training & Technique

Making the most out of your time away from the pool

Distance sucks. And no, we’re not talking about training for the mile (although this does also suck…). We’re referring to the forced hiatus from swimming pools that many water lovers …

Written by: Bradley Crocker 2 April '21 0