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Power is in your hands

Paddles are tools you should always have with you in your training bag. Worn on your hands in training, they help develop specific muscle groups in your arms by increasing …

Written by: arena coaches 6 March '15 0
Training & Technique

The road to success starts here

What we have in common is that we love swimming. That is why, starting today, we want to try and satisfy your curiosity about swimming by offering you a series …

Written by: arena coaches 3 March '15 0
Training & Technique

How to improve your Breaststroke Kick with Leila Vaziri

In breaststroke, most of the stroke’s propulsion is driven from a strong kick. A breaststroke kick drill whilst on your back helps you to achieve the best leg positioning for …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 29 January '15 0
Training & Technique

How to improve your body position during freestyle with Leila Vaziri

Former World Record Holder, World Champion, and member of the US National team, Leila Vaziri brings us this great drill, specific for those wishing to improve their body position during …

Written by: Emily 16 January '15 0
Training & Technique

11 Tips to a smoother and more efficient breaststroke

Jon Rudd, swim coach to Olympic 100m Breaststroke Champion, Ruta Meilutyte brings us his top breaststroke tips, to help  you achieve a smoother and for efficient technique.  KICK Tip 1: Draw your …

Written by: Jon Rudd 6 October '14 0
Training & Technique

How to improve your backstroke – Flip Turn Drill!

Often swimmers have difficulty gauging their distance from the wall during backstroke. When approaching the wall they can become apprehensive about hitting it, therefore lose momentum when lifting their feet …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 18 September '14 0
Training & Technique

Design your own 200m crazy freestyle

This programme set up by Erwan Jacob, coach of Guingamp-natation swimming club, will help you to develop your cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance, resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 11 July '14 0
Training & Technique

How to improve your backstroke – kick technique

Having a strong and steady kick is essential to backstroke. Out of all of the strokes, backstroke requires the most vigorous and continuous of kicks. A few important aspects to …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 9 June '14 0
Training & Technique

Cross Training – Only for the Brave!

Coaches are often confronted with the problem of finding time in a swimmer’s busy schedule to arrange extra physical preparation sessions, which are useful for developing the athlete’s all-round attributes. …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 6 June '14 0
Training & Technique

How to fly – The three main Elements

  Always move forward… The butterfly stroke is the perfect combination of three main elements: The catch phase The press phase The kick in the upward and downward phase For …

Written by: Andrea Di Nino 9 May '14 0